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Trade books are the kinds of books you generally buy in bookstores, either hardcover or paperback. Conflux Press trade books are longer than 40 pages and usually are paperbacks with perfect (flat spine) binding. We do not format our books using set templates. Each book is designed individually to best complement the work. Our titles include poetry collections, as well as fiction and illustrated children's books.

Please contact the individual authors directly to purchase books by clicking on the author's name beneath each book cover.

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Moments of Dawn
Nancy Levinson

Chapter and Verse: Poems of Jewish Identity
Various poets

When Hearts Outlive Minds
Ed Coletti
After Sirens
Angelika Quirk
Sherman Pearl
The Mojave Road at Last
Bruce Williams
Cobalt Horse
Lynn Strongin
Stone Songs
Frank Hotchkiss
All the Gilded Agendas
CB Follett

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